Highlights >> We Want Clear Demarcation between the Houses and Clubs: Principal


As per the review made in the Annual Review Meeting at Nagarkot and as informed to the entire teachers’ body in the first general meeting of the academic session 2017-18, Ms. Bhubaneswari Rao, the Principal forwarded duties and responsibilities of the House and Club in the orientation organized for the house and club In-charges in Jetavana Hall on 23rd April, 2017.
Ms. Rao stated that from the session 2017-18, club will be centralized to increase subject competency and houses will be focused to develop physical ability and extra potentiality. According to the Principal, houses and Clubs are two separate autonomous body and they will plan and execute their own programmes. She detailed Clubs will conduct inter class/ section and intra class activities and competitions and house will only conduct inter house activities. Ms. Rao said, ‘Each house should forward their own programmes and get it approved from the School Management.’
Similarly, the house will get opportunity to organize the assembly one day in every week in rotation. The school has planned to give separate T-shirts for the executive body of houses and clubs for the identification among the hundreds of students. Principal also said that as the school has given opportunity to be the in-charge among so many Teachers body trusting them, the In-charges should carry out their responsibility as per the school rules. She also suggested working all the houses and clubs in collaboration with different administrative departments of DAVSKVB. In times of selecting executive members, entire students must be given opportunities and justice according to the Principal.
Before, Mr. Tanka Nath Ghimire, the Senior Secondary Activity In-charge made a presentation on working procedure of Clubs and Houses for the newly selected houses and Clubs In-charges. Similarly, Mr. Meghji Tank, the Senior Secondary Co-ordinator and Mr. Shiva Narayan Mirdha, the Club Co-ordinator also put forth their feedbacks they had faced during execution of the house and club programmes.