General & Special Rules

  • The books from this library may be borrowed for an initial 1 week.  After that period it is possible to renew books if they have not already been requested by another user.
  • All library users are responsible for any book that they borrow.  Lost or damaged books will have to be replaced and users according to its costs.
  • The library will remain open at the same time as the school. However, issue and return of the books has to be done by the students in their library periods only.
  • In order to be a member, the students are to submit a passport size photograph to the library.
  • Teachers will be issued books needed for teaching and learning activities for one full session. Apart from this they may issue five other books pertaining to various subjects like general books, fiction etc. for a period of two weeks.
  • The library will issue books to teachers through a register, giving detailed information like title, author, publishers, date of issue, and date of return.
  • The books, which are in heavy demand, may be recalled by the Librarian before the due date from any member.
  • Marking, underlining, disfiguring, or tearing of pages is strictly prohibited. In case this is detected, full cost will be recovered from the defaulter.
  • If any member is found repeatedly breaking the rules of the library after being reminded or warned his/her membership privileges may be suspended for some time.
  • Finally, when leaving the school teachers and students are to clear all the dues. Return library cards and obtain a No Due Certificate from the library.

DO’s Don’t
  • Do maintain silence in the library.
  • Do follow the library rules strictly.
  • Do handle the library materials properly.
  • Do carry your library card every time you visit the library.
  • Do maintain the library environment neat and clean.
  • Do co-operate with the library   staffs.
  • Do take care of books and other reading materials issued.
  • Do return the books on time.
  • Do not mishandle the library materials.
  • Do not bring personal books into the library.
  • Do not carry any eatables into the library.
  • Do not scribble anything on the reading tables and materials of the library.
  • Do not strew the library premises.
  • Do not delay in returning library books.
  • Do not hesitate to take the help of the library staff in case of difficulty.
  • Do not leave the library without seeking the permission.

Books that are borrowable:

  • All the books which are labeled LS (meaning books from lending section) can be borrowed.
  • Reference books are for reference in the library only they are not issued.

Magazines and Newspapers are to be read in the library.