• The Helen Keller library is fully open access library so that the students and staff of this school easily can find the books to suit their own interest and reading level.
  • All the students of Grade 1to 12 compulsory visit the library once a week according to the time table
  • It always helps to provide for the teaching and learning needs of DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati Higher Secondary School to maintain a collection of resources that meets those needs, to develop information literacy skills and to encourage the love of reading for recreational purposes, so that our students will become discerning, independent learners.
  • The Library helps to meet the teaching pedagogy through recreational ways of using Reference Literatures and Collection Literatures of Books, Magazines, Periodicals, Newspapers, and etc.
  • Easy searching system is here such as by title, author, subject or series.

The collection of this library has according to the following numbers:

  • Total Number of Books in the Library: 12000
  • Then Collection of Nepali, Hindi and Sanskrit Books : 2198