Class Captain

In order to maintain classroom discipline and smooth conduction of classroom activities, class captains and vice-captains are appointed in all the sections of Kindergarten to classes XII. Besides, these portfolio holders are responsible for monitoring classroom activities of the students in the absence of teachers. Similarly, in every section there are other portfolio holders like board in-charge, log-book in-charge, dairy in-charge, language in-charge, health and hygiene in-charge and class pass in-charge. All these portfolio holders are given responsibility for just two months so that all the students of the classroom get an opportunity to show their leadership skill and ability to work in team. In every two months, one best portfolio award winner is selected from each section on the basis of their performance.

Bus Monitor

To maintain discipline in the school buses plied for the students, bus captain and vice-captain are deputed in each bus by the wing coordinators. Captains and vice captains have to report the cases of violation of school rules and regulations inside the bus by the students to their concerned coordinators or the bus staff. There are total 75 bus routes of DAVSKVB.