•  biology-lab
  • Biology Lab

    Biology laboratory provides different experiments (Core Experiment, Microscopic Studies, Specimen Studies, Project Work, etc) based on the syllabus. We take students to the laboratory to ensure that the students use their knowledge of science in daily life with the help of different tools and techniques. We make students creative, and help them develop higher order thinking skills by using different types of experiments. We also teach them skills necessary for higher studies.

  • chemistry-lab
  • Chemistry Lab

    A new chemistry lab has been constructed in Indu Sadan in order to ensure the technical and scientific support to the students. We allow students to do different experiments (Salt Analysis, Foreign Elements Detection, Titration, Preparation of   Dyes, Effect of Rate of  Reactions and so on)  based on the syllabus. Apart from the syllabus, we allow students to do their independent projects in our laboratory by using various tools and equipments. We encourage students to develop real-life chemistry skills and make them ambitious for higher studies.

  • physics-lab
  • Physics Lab

    The purpose of Physics laboratory is to provide the technical and scientific support to the students. It is used by the students of classes V to XII. In the lab, students are given opportunities to perform hundreds of experiments like: Transistor Characteristics, Frequency of AC Source, Wavelength of  Lens, Reflection of Light, Frequency of  Tuning Forks and so on, according to the syllabus. We also give space for the project works and different physics activities to the students. We encourage students to use the scientific knowledge through different tools and equipments.