Information to Parents

We are happy to announce the beginning of the 20th academic session of DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati. The objective of this guideline is to establish a clear channel of communication among the academic programme of the session mentioned above and to make the parents aware of our expectations and other changes in the school. All the parents are requested to read the guidelines carefully and sign in the given attachment.
1. Academic Programme:
Parents are requested to go through the prescribed curriculum so that the confusion of the child can be minimized and the strength and weakness of the child is understood. Parents are requested to help the students to develop their strategy to proceed with the course. The entire programme Will be guided by the school’s YEAR PLANNER-2013-2014.We have a total of more than 210 working days, in this academic year. The academic year has been divided into 2 summative semesters and 4 formative examinations. The end of each semesters will be evaluated by an examination.
2. Subject Areas:
DAVSKVB offers a wide range of subjects in different levels from class one onwards. In the Beginners’ class the school focuses on the students’ physical and mental development helping them to be familiar with the school environment and formal school practice. Here, parents are suggested to help the kinds to practice life skills.
A. Kindergarten

Curricular Subject Co-curricular subject
Language-English Physical Education
Nepali/Hindi Art and Craft, Music, Dance
Mathematics Growth & Personality Development

Our focus is not on formal teaching of the above curriculum but on learning through play. Different indoor/outdoor activities will be linked to the curriculum. The curriculum will strive to nurture the child’s cognitive. Social emotional and physical development.
In this level, the school provides the following subjects:

Curricular Subjects Co-curricular Subjects
English Game and sports
Nepali Music
Mathematics Dance
Science Library
Social Studies Art and craft

Here, all curricular subjects are same as in the primary MARTIAL ARTS in co-curricular subjects. Parents are suggested to communicate with class teachers about the inabilities of the students (if any) for participating in any co-curricular subjects.
Students have Sanskrit an optional subject in lieu of Health, population and Environment in curricular subjects and all co-curricular subjects are same as above in SLC SECTION.

Compulsory Subjects Optional Subjects
English Optional Maths
Nepali Accountancy
Compulsory Maths Optional English
Science Computer
Social Science
Compulsory Subjects Optional Subjects
English Env.Science
Hindi/Nepali/Sanskrit Information Technology Foundation
Science with practical
Social Science

Refer to Prospectus
3. Reporting and Dispersal:
The reporting time of students is 7:30 am for the classes VI- XII. The walking students are to e dropped in the school by the parents by 7:15 am. And to be picked up from school after 2:00 pm. Parents are suggested not to pick up students from the school except for very serious reasons during school hours.
The students of kindergarten and Primary section are brought back to school if not collected by parents/guardians. In such case, parents are suggested to collect their wards not later than 5:00 pm from the school.
The primary timing (Class Nursery- V) is 8:30 am to 3:15 Pm.
A. Half Day Leave: We do not encourage students to take a half day leave. But if the leave is required because of some urgency then you are requested to send an application to the principal through the concerned class teacher.
4. Bus Route and Timing:
The school provides buses to 64 different routes as detailed in the attachment. Parents are suggested to choose the nearest/ convenient bus stop with at least 5 minutes earlier reporting of students. The bus facility reserved at the beginning of the session cannot be discontinued in the mid- session unless it is not a transfer or withdrawal but the bus stops can be changed with prior information to the Transportation Incharge in advance. The buses may depart from the stops little later than the given time but not earlier. Transportation charges are scaled according to the distance travelled in the school bus for 11 months. For bus timings in different stops please refer to Bus timing circular. Students should be collected from the respective bus stops by parents/ guardians. All the students must obtain the bus pass from the transportation incharge.
5. Infrastructural Facility:
DAVSKVB provides modern infrastructure with spacious classrooms. Play grounds, indoor games facilities, treated drinking water, computer and science laboratories and library. Parents are requested not to send any tools i.e. balls bats, lab equipment, electrical appliances, chemicals and any oblectionable accessories without prior information to the class teacher.
6. Lunch Rules:
Parents are requested to send sufficient cooked vegetarian meal and fruits. Day and junk foods are not allowed.
7. Immediate Medical Aid:
DAVSKVB provides immediate medical aid in need. In cases of serious injury and need of further medical aid parents are immediately informed and also the injured may be admitted to the nearest patan Hospital at the discretion of the school authorities. Parents will be required to pay for the cost of such emergency services provided by the school. Parents are requested to fill the EMERGENCY CONTACT NO. Given in the students diary very clearly.
8. Field Trips:
During the academic year field trips are planned to maximize learning in all areas. Optional field trips are organized during long vacations in association with our official travel agent. Students’ form classes VI onwards are encouraged to participate in such tours.
9. Books and Dress:
The students are required to get a complete set of books and stationery as given in the class book list. All books, stationary and uniform will be available in the school. Parents are requested to check the books properly and insufficiency if any, should be informed to the class teacher in written as early as possible.
10. Student Diary:
The student’s diary is the immediate tool of the teachers to intimate the academics of the child to the parents. The students’ diary should be duly filled by parents with all necessary information. Through the diary, all the home works and other INFORMATION are passed to the parents. Parents are requested to check regularly the same as this provides and important connection between the school and the parents.
11. Year Planner:
The YEAR PLANNER shows the annual schedule of different curricular and co- curricular activities. Parents are advised to check their wards’ preparation for the same. During sudden bandhs, parents are suggested to keep in touch with the school directly for any information. Also the immediate notices can be viewed in our website-
12. Birthday celebration during the class hours is not encouraged. Students are to be sent in regular school dress,( Except Kindergarten)
13. Payment of fees:
No cash payment will be entertained. Fee payments are to be made at the concerned Bank, notified at the time of admission.
14. Freeship:
The school provides full or partial freeships to deserving students, who have extraordinary academics. Fair disciplinary record and a genuine financial problem. The facility can be availed by forwarding an application to the principal. The availability of resources and means will govern the award of such freeship.
15. Absentees:
Regular attendance is emphasized. In case a child is absent from the school without written information to the school authority for a period exceeding one month, he will be considered withdrawn and for continuing his education in the school. Re-admission has to be sought. In case of absence due to illness. A verbal information followed by written application is to be submitted to the school authority about the illness and should be supplemented with medical certificate.
16. List of accessories:
A student should possess the following at the beginning of the session.
1. Prescribed set of text books and stationery
2. Full set of school uniform (as mentioned in the prospectus)
17. Valuables:
Bringing Valuables to the school is NOT allowed. Parents are advised NOT to allow children t wear valuable ornaments to school. The school will not be responsible for any loss.
18. Rules for Parents’ Visit:
1. Visiting children and requesting to take them home during school hours is NOT allowed except for medical reason.
2. Class rooms during school hours on working days are out of bound area for parents.
3. For security reasons visiting parents will be required to register at the main entrance and wear and identity batch to enter the premises.
4. Prior appointments should be made with the principal to meet any teacher, during or after school for specific problem.
19. Code of dress, hairstyle and personal haygiene:
In a clean and healthy body lives a healthy mind. Personal cleanliness is very important. The prescribed code of uniform should be worn. It should be clean and well ironed. Boy’s hair should be kept short. Girl’s long hair should be neatly plaited.
20. Home Work Policy:
Learning should be fun and not stressful. So homework is an extension of the enriched curriculum which reinforces strong study habits and organizational skills. We do not overburden the students with home assignments. The class Teacher regulates the number of assignments given in every subject. Assignments are also tailored for those who are highly motivated to achieve a level of knowledge beyond subject requirement and can take on additional projects.
21. Physical Problems of the child:
If a child suffers from certain physical disability or if the child is ill a medical certificate can exempt a child from taking part in strenuous activities. The medical certificate of the child should be presented to the class Teacher and he/she should be kept abreast of any physical condition of the child.
22. Library rules:
I. All the students of the school are members of the school library.
II. Students can attend the library during library period and their free periods only.
III. One book can be borrowed at a time. But there are relaxations in the case of Board bound students.
IV .Books should be duly returned within due date.
V. In case of loss or damage of the book heavy fine will be levied.
VI. Recall of books may be made anytime in case of emergency.
VII. Journals, Periodicals and Reference books are to be read in the library, they are not for home issue.
VIII. Before withdrawing any student ‘Library Clearance Certificate’ is to be obtained from the Librarian.
23. Students involvement in co-curricular activities:
Students are highly encouraged to take part in all the activities in the school. However if a few students are engaged in certain co curricular activities which require them to come to school on holidays or they have to remain in the school after school hours, transportation in such cases may not be provided by the school.
24. Games and sports:
The school provides excellent sports facility, which includes Basketball, Volleyball, Throwball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Table-Tennis etc. There is an indoor sports hall too. Parents are requested to make necessary arrangements of transportation in case of after school practice house of students.
25. Private Tuition Policy:
Taking of private tuition by any teacher of the school is strictly prohibited and students are certainly discouraged from approaching teachers for tuition. Violation of the rule will lead to serious action by the school authority. In case of any need of additional assistance in academics, parents are requested to send a written application to the principal so the extra classes can be arranged after school.
26. Telephonic Enquiries and Meetings:
Parents are requested not to try to communicate the teacher during class hours as it hampers the class. However you can leave a message at the reception and the teacher will call you back. The parents of the Kindergarten section and the primary section can meet their ward’s respective teachers on Sundays with prior information.
27. Examination:
An academic year consists of three unit tests and three terminal examinations. The maximum marks for the unit test will be of 25 marks and the term exam will be of 75 marks. The dates of the exams have been given in the school calendar. In case of absentees no retest will be allowed. If the child is unable to attend the exam due to some serious illness or any other serious problem the parents will have to inform the school immediately. In such cases the child will be considered. There will be to no Unit test in Nursery. K.G. and IX to XII. Assessment in the Nursery and Lower K.G. will be more descriptive and not quantitative grades. Every activity will be recorded in a descriptive manner and will be a continuous process. The academic year for Upper K.G. will be divided into three terms. The Examination held during First and second terms will be of 25 marks only and Third term will be of 50 marks. There are only three terminal exams for classes IX to XII.


The dates of the examination have been given in the school calendar. In case of absentees no retest will be allowed. If the child is unable to attend the exam due to some serious illness or any other serious problem the parents will have to inform the school immediately .In such cases the child will be exempted from the examination.

There are altogether two semesters in one Academic year. An Academic year consists of 4 Fas (Formative Assessment) and 2SAs (Summative Assessment)

Fas carry 5+5=10 marks. Each activity will be recorded in a descriptive manner and will be a continuous process- carry 5 marks and 5 marks from written test. SAs carry 30 marks.

The Examination Evaluation Scheme:

Semester 1:

FA1- 10 marks

FA2- 10 marks          50 marks

SA1-30 marks

Semester 2:

FA3-10 marks

FA4- 10 marks      50 marks

SA2- 30 marks

Above mentioned marking scheme is implemented from Nursery to class 8 and 9-10 CBSE.

Class 9 and 10 SLC +11 and 12:


Semester 1:

 FA1-25 marks

FA2-25 marks      100 marks

SA1-50 marks


FA3-25 marks

FA4-25 marks       100 marks

SA2-50 marks

Note: classes 10 and 12 are Board bound. So after FA4 the students appear in Board Exam.(as per Board’s rule)

28. Weekly time table:
Parents are requested to make sure that their ward carries the right number of books and copies as per the weekly time table which has to be written properly in the students Diary. Also, please check that they don’t bring any unnecessary belongings to school. If found and seized, confiscated belonging may not be returned.