Examination >> Classes: IX and XI

D.A.V. Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati
Second Summative Assessment (SA2)  Marh  2017
Time Table   :     Classes  IX    and    XI
Date Day IX XI
SLC CBSE Science Commerce
7-Mar Tuesday Nepali Mathematics English English
8-Mar Wednesday Acc. / Comp. Sci English Home Sci. Home Sci.
9-Mar Thursday HPE Nep/Hin/Sans Mathematics Mathematics
10-Mar Friday O.Maths/ O.Eng Science Physical Edu. Physical Edu.
11-Mar Saturday S        a        t        u        r        d        a         y
12-Mar Sunday H                 O                  L                    I
13-Mar Monday H                 O                  L                    I
14-Mar Tuesday Mathematics Social Studies Physics Accountancy
15-Mar Wednesday English Computer Sci. Biology Business Studies
16-Mar Thursday Social Studies Dance/Music/ M.Art Computer Sci. Computer Sci.
17-Mar Friday Science EVS Chemistry Economics
Note : 5th March 2017 – Class IX – Foreign Language (German/French/Chinese) Exam in 1st and 2nd period.
There will be regular classes after Examination.