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Celebration of Mothers Day- 2074 ((Main +Highlights))

To reestablish the eastern Vedic values among the young generation in better ways, DAVSKVB School organized celebration of the Mother’s Day on 26th April, 2017 in Indu Hall.
Mr. Anil Kedia, the Chairperson welcomed all the mothers in the programme. He said that in the era where mother’s Day has been started to celebrate virtually in social networking media, DAV has taken initiation to inculcate the importance of Mothers in a real sense among young generation. He has found that when people ignored the cultural perspectives in education, the societies were collapsed. He Said. ‘We felt to celebrate the mother’s day inviting two representatives mothers from each section from kindergarten to grade XII and give the same massage to entire educational communities. Students worshipped their mothers and also offered sweets and fruits to their mother. On the occasion, representative parents also blessed their children and were thankful towards DAVSKVB for organizing such programmes which they believed as an event that could make differences in the lives of their children. Parents also praised the DAVSKVB for nurturing the child better than their homes.
Similarly, Ms. Bhubaneswari Rao, the Principal extended warm welcome on behalf of the students. She said ‘it’s an opportunity for all of us to have the supporting mothers for the School as all the invited mothers were present in Celebration. Principal highly appreciated one supporting father who had represented the programme on behalf of his spouse who was unable to come in the School in the last moment. She introduced all the representative parents in the Celebration. Afterward, students offered khanda and flower to the mothers as instructed by the Principal. Likewise, Mr. Ram Chandra Khanal, Vice-Principal also talked about the importance of culture in Education and also recited the poem devoted to the Mothers.
Earlier, Mr. Janardan Ghimire compared mother as the earth and father as the sky according to the Vedic literature. According to Ghimire, Mother fulfills the requirements to grow up and father gives the opportunities to each children. To bow for mother and father is to bow the earth and sky respectively according to Mr. Ghimire.
The moderators of the programmes were Mr. Ghimire and Mr. Narayan Khatiwada, the Academic Co-ordinator of grade IX and X. Similarly, Mr. Govinda Ghimire, the HoD of Sanskrit facilitated the worship in the celebration. Students from grade XI and XII sung ‘ Main Kaha Badal Tha Nahi’ from the Movie, ‘Taare Zameen Par’ in their own music. Students from grade IX and X performed contemporary dance, lower secondary wing performed role play, Primary wing sung a song Aama ko Maya and also performed European dance.