Highlights >> Cartoonz Crew Performs in DAVSKVB


Cartoonz Crew, the renowned youngster Dancer Team of Nepal performed 3 dances at DAVSKVB on the occasion of the International Dance Day Celebration on 28th April, 2017.

The Crew members to perform dance were Mr. Saroj Adhikari, Mr. Ram Gurung, Mr. Subin Chawhan, Mr. Bikash Rai, Mr. Lokpa D Lama and Ms. Ashma Biswokarma. The Performances of the these youngsters were highly preferred by the grade VII and IX students

The Principal, Ms. Bhubaneswari Rao addressed the International Dance Day Celebration. Ms. Rao appreciated the unique cartoons dance popularized by the youngsters from Nepal. ‘It was fortunate for the Cartoonz Team to be the part of the Silver Jubilee Year’s programme in DAVSKVB’, Principal said.  She also inspired her students by saying that it’s hard work and devotion that enhances in performing art as reflected by the team of Cartoonz Crew.

Before, welcome dance on the title ‘Guru Bandhana’, Contemporary dance of Mayur Dance Club were performed on the stage. Similarly, the dance teachers from Primary Wing Ms. Kanchan, Sijapati and Ms. Barkha Shrestha Performed English and Nepali Cultural dance respectively.  Mr. Lizendra  Maharjan, the Club In-charge also performed in the contemporary dance with Mayur Dance Club students. Mr. Anil Kedia, the Chairperson gave way the DAVSKVB Momento to the Cartoonz Crew Team.  The Moderator of the Celebration were Sneha Joshi IX ‘E’ and Annie Sijapati IX ‘F’ .  Tisha Dey IX ‘G’ offered vote of thanks.