Highlights >> Biology can’t be addressed by physics and chemistry, talk show at DAV

Biolgy cannot be addressed by chemistry discourse at DAV mod

28th May/DAVMC

The process is ongoing. But, now science is being explored differently as scientists have started to investigate comparatively the theories propounded both in eastern societies and western societies, some have tried to challenge from religious perspectives and others are continuously developing new theories falsifying the established and rest are still in the investigation to establish a new principle in multifarious sectors with some of the concepts coined.

Such a issue has been forwarded concentrating basically over the issue biology cannot be addressed by chemistry and physics for the students of grade IX, X, XI and XII on 27th May in Buddha Hall. On the same abstract, resource person Dr. Bhakti Niskam Shanti from Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Siliguri, WB, India has presented a dissertation on the topic ‘origin of life and origin of human beings’ with the current research and investigation. Dr. Bhakti presented the research document challenging the established notion on the Big Bang Theory, The law of genetics and many more with examples and illustration but, his argument over the origin of life and origin of human beings is not other than God as already stated in Bhagwat Gita.

Meanwhile, DAV chairperson differentiated inner science from material science. He said most of the entire western societies are concentrated over material science ever since and now their theories have been proved to be dogmas as research are showing rigorously. Science is incomplete unless and until people underestimate inner science. ‘The level of inner science can be only felt when the level of investigation knowledge is at climax’ Chairperson said.

Finally, Ms. Bhubaneswari Rao, Principal appreciated the presentation style of Dr. Bhakti Niskam with illustrations making students understand such depth issues. She said, ‘students will realize that DAV talk show was of this kind in their higher studies to come soon. She had also questioned to the speaker that for justifying eastern science, why the speaker was taking the aid of western science? After his presentation, students had also presented their queries where the resource person tried to satisfy with answers.

In the same workshop, most of the teachers of senior wings, all the faculty members of the department of science including top school management were also present to study the idea of Dr. Bhakti Niskam.

Finally, Ram Mani Nepal from Radha Krishna temple Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu appreciated the DAV for being Vedic teaching center in Kathmandu with the modern infrastructure. He did not stop to appreciate the discipline of DAV students on the occasion including the leadership skill of management in DAV. Entire programme was hosted by Ms. Anupama Panta, HoD of Commerce.