DAV Movement in Nepal

The DAV Trust was founded in 1885 to perpetuate the vision and memory of Maharishi Swami Dayanda Saraswati, the founder of the Arya Samaj, who believed that education is the most potent factor in reforming and remolding the society. The intent upon keeping the flag of pristine vedic culture flying, it was natural that the DAV Trust was attracted towards the only Hindu Rastra – Nepal. In 1992 a delegation of high level office bearers of DAVCMC paid a friendly visit to Nepal at the behest of Kedia Organization. During this visit both the organizations collaborated to form a trust by the name of DAV Kedia Vishwa Bharati on July 9, 1992. The main objective of this trust was to establish, organize and manage DAV schools all over Nepal under uniform ideology and curriculum.

True to the DAV tradition of spreading the principle of Truth, Universal brotherhood and service before self as enunciated in the ten principles of the Arya Samaj, the social imparts value based education, inculcating the wisdom of the East with the technical advancement of the West, producing confident, sincere, committed and responsible citizens firmly grounded in the roots of their culture and tradition.